Success Rating

Sep 5, 2013 | 2012 - 2014, News

The August 2013 edition of Succeed magazine features lessons in longevity from three of South Africa’s oldest companies, including Fairbridges. The importance of consistency, adaptability, and relationship-building is emphasised. Fairbridges Chairman Louis Rood is extensively quoted:

“Sustainability depends on not overpricing services, irrespective of the market conditions. If you remain grounded and take exceptional care of clients and employees, you will not only survive but be ready to take up opportunities when things turn around.”

The ability to build and maintain a lasting brand is no easy challenge. Over a third of small and medium enterprises in South Africa have experienced a threat to their survival in the past year. The article points out that Standard Bank and the City of Cape Town have been Fairbridges’ clients for over 150 years. Louis Rood’s advice: “That only happens if you constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs of your clients – and satisfy those needs.”