Introduction to the Law of Property (Seventh Edition)- Reviewed by Louis Rood

Mar 29, 2016 | 2015, News

This is the seventh updated edition of a book that serves as a base template for the law of property and is a key cornerstone to Juta’s Property Law Library series which is aimed at covering all aspects of South African Property Law. All aspects of ownership, possession, and other rights in property are dealt with. The basic concepts and principles of the acquisition, use, protection, and termination of ownership are explained. The interplay between the common law, the constitution, and legal reform in a constitutional system is illustrated and there is an interesting consideration of the future of property law. The text is comprehensively indexed for quick and easy reference and relevant cases are listed and linked to the text.

The co-authors Professor André van der Walt B Juris Hons (BA) LLB LLD LLM of Stellenbosch University and Professor Gerrit Pienaar B Jur et Com LLB LLD of Northwest University have previously amply demonstrated their masterful grasp of the subject in other volumes in this series – Professor Pienaar: Sectional Titles and other Fragmented Property Schemes, and Professor van der Walt: The Law of Neighbours, Constitutional Property Law, Law of Property Casebook for

Students and are to be commended together with publishers Juta, for this further excellent contribution to a vital area of our law which is increasingly important as a critical aspect of the economy, political terrain, cultural expression and the environment.