Leanne Barlow
Cape Town
Telephone: +27 21 405 7403
Mobile: +27 82 444 3090


Leanne practised as an attorney in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Thereafter she worked as an Assistant Master at the Cape Town Master’s Office for several years. She was admitted as an advocate in 2005 but is now retired and works as a Consultant with many years experience who specialises in all aspects of the administration of estates with specific focus on:

• Administering smaller to large, complex estates (both testate and intestate) to finality;
• Attending to complex Estate Duty and Capital Gains’ Tax calculations;
• Drafting of Liquidation and Distribution Accounts and Statements of Administration;
• Drafting Wills with a view to ensuring that they are valid and provide for all eventualities in order to avoid any problems which can occur after death if this important document is not prepared correctly;
• Providing Estate Planning advice;
• Providing advice and opinions to clients on all aspects of estates;
• Attending to remit funds to heirs overseas and obtaining the necessary clearance from SARS where required;
• Providing advice to clients regarding their foreign investments and how to deal with these in their estate;
• Providing advice regarding minor heirs and Testamentary Trusts.

She acts for private clients.

Her previous experience with the Master’s Office gives her a special perspective as to how the Master’s Office works, what their requirements are and how to resolve any queries raised by this office.


BA (University of Cape Town) (1978)
LLB (University of Cape Town) (1981)
Admission as an Advocate (4 November 2005)